0x Protocol - The Unbundling


This post aims to catalyze the unbundling of 0x Protocol and 0x Labs as the latter continues to transition from the builder and original steward of the protocol to its eventual role as one stakeholder amongst many within the 0x Protocol ecosystem.


0x Protocol is an open-source public good providing a fundamental building block for the exchange of value whose decentralization roadmap started with 0x Labs building and stewarding its initial stages and ends with a broader set of stakeholders collectively owning and influencing the protocol.

Up to now, the protocol’s presence and identity has been coupled, if not thought of synonymously, with 0x Labs and its products (0x API, Matcha, etc.) Several key steps have been taken toward transitioning 0x Protocol to it’s intended owners — the community — with the launch of 0x DAO and a community-owned treasury. As 0x Labs continues to transition to its eventual role as one stakeholder amongst many within the community, there’ll be more to unbundle between 0x Labs and 0x Protocol — their identities, internet presence, and content to name a few.

This forum post intends to be a catalyst for the unbundling, starting with three parts: (1) 0x Protocol Constitution, (2) 0x.org refresh, (3) blog refresh.

0x Protocol Constitution

In 2022, we saw many projects across the ecosystem pursue their own paths toward decentralization. One common part of each of these efforts was the introduction and ratification of constitutions — documents that put the mission, vision, and core values in writing to serve as the guiding north star for the long term development of the protocol and its community (e.g. ENS, Optimism, PoolTogether).

To date, a mission, vision, and core values have not been definitively established as proper to 0x Protocol — components exist across the original whitepaper and early blog posts from 0x Protocol’s original creators Will Warren and Amir Bandeali [1, 2, 3].

We plan to post an initial draft for the community’s feedback and clarifications.

0x.org Refresh

To date, the protocol’s web presence on 0x.org has been coupled with 0x Labs and its products (0x API, Matcha, etc.) — 0x Protocol should have its own dedicated institutional website that would serve as the canonical source of truth for all things related to the protocol.

We plan to post a call to action to the 0x community and broader ecosystem to help bring a refreshed identity, created in a collaboration between 0x Labs and an outside design firm, to life.

Blog Refresh

Content related to 0x Protocol, its development, and community currently lives within blog.0x.org and is intermixed with 0x Labs and its work — 0x Protocol should have an independent hub for its past and future content.

We plan to create a mirror.xyz space for 0x Protocol to serve as that independent hub.


Thanks @ericwong for the effort to move this further, 0x Labs always was a good pursuit of innovation for 0x protocol and every contribution from them was always accepted with majority, and this move could help new community members from the space to also contribute to it. I believe 0x Labs will still be the major contributor as they have more knowledge of the protocol.

I agree with the path to decouple the protocol from 0x Labs, this way the protocol can live on its own and be independent and more resilient.

I believe for a better innovation of this space related to 0x protocol, a good start besides the ones you pointed out, was good documentation on how to deploy 0x smart contracts (ERC20 and ERC721) on new chains, and a trustless and secure way to do it. This way any actor will be able to pursue the deployment of 0x smart contracts on new chains with the blessing of the protocol team. Additionally, how to deploy transformers on a testnet, transformers I saw one of the most innovative from the protocol architecture and where the community can contribute with big innovations.

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