37 | March 9, 2021 - 1:30pm PT (21:30 UTC)


March 9, 2021
1:30 PM PT / 21:30 UTC (Check your timezone)

Join live

:computer: Google hangouts
:phone: +1 520-800-2556, PIN: 265 670# (More phone numbers)


The agenda will be shared here in advance of the call. If you have any topics you’d like to discuss or questions for the 0x Labs team, leave a comment below.




shared by @SonofPegasus over Discord

Request for topic at next community call: deeper understanding of how 0xChain will supplement / compete with other multi chain solutions (e.g. Thor). Pretty clear that eth will not be able to scale in time and we’ll see some sort of mass migration over the next six months

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WIP Agenda

  • Eco snapshot and update
  • Dev roadmap
  • ZEIP 83 recap
  • 0x API on v4
  • 0x DAO
  • Expanding 0x beyond Ethereum
  • Ecosystem spotlight: N/A this time
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Hey all, we’re trying something new for today’s monthly Community and Governance meeting. Besides hosting the meeting as usual on Google Hangouts, we’re also testing out a YouTube live stream. While we’ll do our best to interact with community members watching the stream on YouTube, we’re going to be prioritizing engagement with those who join on Google Hangouts.

:speech_balloon: Participate on Google Hangouts: https://meet.google.com/umm-vkqv-xws

:tv: Watch the YouTube live stream: https://youtu.be/yEOI3_AFhGE

Hope to see you all live! :wave:


Few ideas for today’s gathering or beyond - see you there!

  • Matcha props & Thank you! Props from CryptoHydrate for increasing amount of slippage from 5% to 20% based on community feedback. Matcha requests: Limit orders that don’t expire, UI correction for tokens with a large supply: (I did put into Discord as well) UI update - tokens with massive supply - - #3 by biowvium

  • Governance Proposal: I would like to see development time / Govenance funds allocated to a smart contract that would auto-harvest 0x staking rewards, with the following options as ideas:

  1. Transfer to wallet of users choice (if user has not elected, send to wallet staking the ZRX)
  2. Contribute to an ETH2 staking pool
  3. Market buy ZRX and restake into a designated pool on behalf of the user
  4. Market buy 50% ZRX, stake ETH/ZRX LP on behalf of user and send to their wallet.
  • Listing requests: What kind of projects should ask, what factors would a project have to where they would stand down from a listing request. Always subject to change, but good to get a ballpark of conditions. (volume, development team standards, audit, etc)

  • Was there any additional feedback / update on cross-chain activity, based on this inquiry: 0x Cross Chain Scaling Possibilities