A question about zrx staking

The system telk me:Allowance transaction aborted.
I connected my Coinbase Wallet.

you probably don’t have enough eth in your wallet to pay for the gas
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I ran into this as well and posted in another thread: Staking with Coinbase wallet "Transaction aborted" after paying ETH - #13 by siva

You need about .07 ETH in the same wallet that will be used to pay the transfer fees. Also give your wallet a couple minutes before attempting each step.

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Hello guys, this is my first post. I had a nasty situation today. A hacker somehow compromised my private key for Metamask and stole a lot of coins from my AAVE and OASIS vaults, yes it hurts a lot… The bastard also claimed my entire 0x stake through this transaction Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
luckily it is due to be removed manually on 13 February 2021. Is there any way to stop this criminal to get away with my 0x coins too? Please advise! I need help to minimize the damage this thief has already caused me. He already took my ETH rewards for this epoch too. Help if you can. I would like to keep staking my 0x coins as I have been doing for many months.However, since the hacking I created a new Metamask account to which I would like to withdraw the 0x stake if necessary, before it goes to the thief on 2/13/21. Thanks

answered in the discord

I can’t unstake my zrx from trustwallet