About the 🗓️ Community & Governance Meetings category

This meeting is a monthly gathering of the individuals who are building decentralized applications on, and driving the governance of, the 0x protocol. The typical agenda includes:

  • Reviewing the 0x Labs development roadmap and updates
  • Exploring 0x improvement proposals, or ZEIPs
  • Discussing active governance and research topics
  • Updates from the 0x ecosystem
  • An open sharing and discussion session
  • While there is a formal agenda, the meeting is intended to be an open conversation where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share their feedback on the development roadmap.

Who Should Attend
Anyone building on 0x Labs technology or interested in participating in the protocol’s governance is welcome to attend. Please note that this meeting is not for technical support. If you need help with your project, our official Discord Chat is your best resource.