Create a Standard Integration for FMMs

sounds like its great for community and we are waiting for new updates


Clipper is the best one. I really hope 0x intergrades with @clipper_Dex


, что интеграция с @Clipper_Exchange очень значит для пользователей DeFi очень рад быть с вами. nikls#0943
@Flying Dutchman Captain

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reallity fan :black_heart:
im belived this Dapp

Perfect work Clipper i like it!!!

Perfect job Clipper, very comfortable to work with finance. like it!!!

this integration will be something really great ! For sure !

Really good integration, it will be great !

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Thats great idea i will try it

Классная работа, гайз!
FMM - действительно будущее, которое уже не за горами!

Great idea!
I hope to see integration between @0xProject and @Clipper_Exchange
Just imagine these amount of active and interested users Clipper have.

i really like to integrate with Clipper Exchange. I hope this happens, they are very good

DAIZY.NEAR (σ, σ)#0254

this is great, good job wizzie#3797

great job! 0x integration for clipper is really nice

Ox integration is really good for clipper…kudos team

Aivie#7133 discord ID

Great job its great @Clipper_Exchange @0xPolygon

wow , amazing
What a wonderful collaboration

0x integration with Clipper is amazing. yep that’s another lvl cant wait to see that. already excited.

the integration with Clipper Dex will be awesome :heart_eyes: