#inDEX, a comprehensive list of decentralized exchanges

Hi there!,

My name is Elio and I´m working on #inDEX, a comprehensive list of decentralized exchanges (DEX):


At the moment, we have 150 DEX enlisted and, the good news for everyone here is what the most used protocol is 0x.

I shared with you this work because I know that you can help me completing the missing info and, most important for 0x: completing your docs with the data we collected ( https://0xproject.com/wiki#List-of-Projects-Using-0x-Protocol ).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards from Buenos Aires.

PS: If all is okey (sorry, but I’m afraid of bothering and that all this will be off topic here) it would be a pleasure
update the “List of Projects Using 0x Protocol” on your Wiki.

Thank you, this is a fantastic list! I’ll update our wiki over the next few days.

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