Log in and QR code no way to scan

I’m not able to log in anymore because it pops up with QR code to log in and I’ve tried it doesn’t work. It doesn’t allow for a way to scan QR code. I want to move my crypto please help!!!emphasized text

Hi Kline!

I am not clear on what platform you’re using. How is this related to 0x? Are you staking?

For help with building on 0x protocol or staking ZRX, please join our official Discord server: link.0x.org/Discord


Using computer or iPhone I started staking with my iPhone and now you’ve changed the account connect wallet screen which it had two Coinbase wallets before now only one and I’m unable to connect and do anything with my crypto which your site controls. I want to remove my crypto from the site and it won’t let me connect

Cannot scan the QR code that pops up on screen after selecting the Coinbase wallet, why?