Staking not available


I’m having some issues trying to stake thru

I connect my wallet thru wallet connect with ledger live option.

My wallet appears connected in top rt of browser, click account and then click on stake.

When the page refreshes all it says is
“Staking recommendations not available” and I cannot stake.

The wallet I’ve connected has over 1000 zrx tokens with about $20 worth of eth for gas and transactions.

For some reason the wizard won’t start… it flashes for like a split second before disappearing and giving the notice I listed above.

I also notice in my browsers dev tools there are several console errors which may be effecting this… specifically referencing inpage.js - just to note there may be a problem!

Am I missing something? Is staking not available? Or is broken?

Please someone help, this has plagued me for 2 days now… Day one after some research I thought perhaps it was because I didn’t have any eth in my wallet with the zrx so I added some today and tried again… Nothing - it won’t stake!

Thank You,

Hi @sidgrafix – Related to the ongoing pause in protocol fees and staking rewards, the staking wizard isn’t currently able to process new staking actions. The portal will be updated to make this more clear.